Want to sign up for my six-session CNF Writers Circle in Germantown, NY?

Please register here and send along a writing sample to me (no more than 1,000 words) with a brief note about why you want to join (This could be anything from “start my memoir” to “find my voice” or “need structured writing time”).

More stuff to know:

  • We’ll be meeting EVERY OTHER week for six weeks, at the beautiful Instar Lodge in Germantown, NY, from 7-9pm, beginning Thursday, January 10th.

  • I’m offering sliding scale pricing. Pay between $300-$500 (that’s about $50-$80 per workshop meeting) for the full six weeks, based off what you can manage and what value you feel a writing workshop offers you.

  • Structure will vary week to week depending on our group’s specific needs and if folks are looking for feedback on works in progress, but will always include at least thirty minutes of writing time based off creative prompts, discussion of a craft essay or topic, and time for sharing/feedback/commisterating of some sort.

  • While this is mostly an open-level workshop, you will likely be asked to provide supportive, critical feedback to other writers in the group at one time or another, which will require some reading outside of our meeting times and the willingness to give others’ work the thoughtful attention you’d like in return (talking about others’ writing is also one of the best ways to improve your own).

  • Our group will be small and intimate, capped at 10 members.

  • I am here to challenge you, guide you, and support your writing journey, whether you’re a writer who’s feeling rusty or is wrist deep in a project—and I can’t wait! This is going to be fun.

I’ve worked with Nina on various projects (ranging from short form to book length work) for the past three years, and her feedback has always been incisive, smart, and most importantly, actionable. In addition to providing line notes and “big picture” comments, she often supplements her feedback with readings to inform my revisions. As a writing teacher myself, I know how useful it is for writers to read model texts alongside their own work, and Nina’s inclusion of pieces that illustrate her notes has always shaped my rewrites in really productive, meaningful ways. I’ve had several hitherto mushy, somewhat meandering pieces accepted for publication thanks to Nina’s critical perspective.
— Sara Petersen, Writer

Need Help finding your Voice or your Structure?

Want to communicate your story memorably and Effectively?

I can help you with that.

With 6+ years of professional writing and editing experience (from children's books to manuscript development to press releases), I offer editorial services for:

  • creative projects

  • book proposals

  • publicity and marketing materials

  • creative application materials

  • & other content

 Manuscript Coaching - The works. You're not sure whether you have a collection of essays, or the beginnings of a narrative memoir, and if you did have a memoir, how the heck would you structure it? I'll read your work and comment, covering what to do with your material to best showcase it, from focus to form. I'm keen to offer reading suggestions as well.

Essay Magic - You have a situation, but need help with the story. Something is missing. Maybe your short thing needs to be long, or your big thing wants to be short. Discover what's weak, what's already powerful, and transform your experiences into compelling, universally meaningful prose. Basic feedback, big picture cuts or additions relating to issues of focus, as well as local work with language and style, and help with finding markets to submit to.

Copyediting - You want to spend more time writing and less time editing. You want your work to be the best version of you: clearer, fresher, tighter, and possibly breathtaking. Got you.

Fill out the form below to get in touch! I look forward to working with you!

Nina has a gentle way with criticism. I don’t know what I was expecting, but her comments were so insightful that after reading them I would go back to my piece and have a real aha moment.
— Gotham Writers Workshop Participant, Memoir, 2018
Thank you for your time and the thoughtful measure of my work. I appreciate your encouragement to risk in terms of form. It opens up channels for creating from an internal force.
— Kenyon Review Writers Workshop Participant, 2016
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