Welp, my little book is on pre-sale, and that means two things: 

1) It's going for a reduced price.

2) Every time a book is purchased from the Black Lawrence Press website instead of from another retailer, their profit jumps by a factor somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5. When the order is placed with BLP, not only do they receive a much better profit, but they also get the funds right away (when you pre-order a book with Amazon, BLP may wait up to 6 months to receive those funds). This makes a big difference to a little press AND it's really helpful for the author, since a portion, a very little portion, of that profit goes to me, and is otherwise an incredibly nominal amount. The more copies bought now through BLP, the better it is for me, the writer, and the small press community at large.

This pre-sale ends on April 30th, the day before the official pub date, so if you want to purchase the book, now is the best time to do it! Many thanks for supporting indie writers and small presses.